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Why didn't the narrative of, "Incels are dangerous because they got this girl to commit suicide" gain more traction?


Jan 6, 2019
Catlett, VA
I'm thinking it's because people on some level know that if she killed herself, she probably had other problems before she ever showed up to the site. Why was she visiting a site called Sanctioned Suicide at all; surely she didn't just go there out of curiosity and then get converted by the ideology and decide to kill herself.

In point of fact, even more mainstream cultural phenomena like 13 Reasons Why can help push people over the edge to suicide; it doesn't have to be promoted by incels. 13 Reasons Why is anti-rape and therefore feminist; the whole second season was about how a rape, and the responses to it, caused the girl to kill herself. Even though this kind of narrative fits into the feminist agenda, it also has the effect of promoting suicide as a legitimate response to adverse incidents, life circumstances, etc. as well.

Anyway, to some extent the SJWs thrive on suicide, because without suicides, they wouldn't have as many victims they could claim as martyrs. E.g. if there weren't guys like Tyler Clementi offing themselves, they couldn't claim that gays are being pushed over the edge by bullying.

At the same time, society wants to keep a certain amount of control over suicide; e.g. if incels started killing themselves, society wouldn't like that too much because then the incel movement could claim them as martyrs.

It just happens, though, that Sanctioned Suicide is not actually all that effective at causing suicides. For example, they banned me from there so I haven't been able to coordinate with others to try to form a suicide partnership, although I'm not sure many of them are serious anyway; a lot of times they just seem to want to find someone to chat with, and some of them are even looking for gay or straight hookups and/or relationships, it seems.

Sanctioned Suicide reminds me of ASH, in that while it promotes a belief that suicide is okay, probably their members already came to that conclusion on their own, since it's not hard to arrive at that idea by one's own reasoning or emotions. And then if anything, maybe talking about suicide and other topics just distracts them from actually doing it.

What I think would be effective at causing more suicides, would be if either a site made available to people the martyrdom they were looking for, or if some dynamic individual actually encouraged suicide (as opposed to just being pro-choice) and ideally even organized the logistics.