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They denied you suicide

Apr 26, 2019
If you suicide now, all is lost, saying that someone who killed themselves made the wrong decision and is one of the most cruel and unusual punishments ever

Suicide should be a human right, yet you are denied it because if you do suicide you will get the darkest hell imaginable: people who've made your life hell being in HEAVEN on earth, having sex daily, daily validation, making money, not a worry in the world...

Suicide isn't selfish, wanting someone to go through a hell you could barely comprehend and wanting them to not suicide is EXTREMELY selfish

Femoids are only getting more and more immune. Look at Notre Dame, Church bombings etc... that's all just bullshit to take away attention from the real targets: femoids, femoids need to suffer and be destroyed as much as possible, it sickens me when someone thinks targetting a mosque or church is better than targetting a highschool or a teenage party