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Experiment The Afterlife


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Jan 15, 2019
Let's talk about what happened when I died.

Hell is a horrifying place. I'm assuming it's different for every person, so I can only give you all my experience.

I was trapped in a white room, unable to move and on top of a mattress. Everything was dreamlike, but still extremely real at the same time. There was a fake Halloween cobweb on one of the corners in the ceiling. Or perhaps that cobweb was real. It was a dark room, with light coming from the kitchen opening and the entryway in front of me.

Perhaps none of it was real and it was a simulation on the part of the spiritual people in there.

There was a girl laying next to me. I can't recall if she was a redhead, or just a reddish blonde. She had good teeth because that was the only part of her face I saw.

She was laughing. I couldn't hear her laugh. She was laying next to me on what may have been a separate mattress. Perhaps she died the same time I did? Or maybe she was someone I knew and her "punishment" was me being horrified of her.

The "flames of hell" were, for me, the air around me. It was on my skin, and I kept breathing it in. It was, for a lack of a better term, fear gas.

It made every part of me afraid. It was invisible, it was everywhere. There was no escape.

(Except for the part where I somehow escaped.)

My theory is, once you've been driven insane, your mind has the strength to break free.

Like how a person goes mad in prison or in solitary, only faster.

So, a shadow person sitting on what might've been a fold-out lawn chair speaks to me in echoing growls that I think I can only hear in my mind. But I can understand everything she's saying because I know the intention of what she's saying somehow.

She was sitting in an entryway with no door in front of where I was laying, and next to it, a kitchen opening with champange glasses hanging from a rack I think.

I can hear people eating. It was a dinner party. I think I was the guest of honor. And the main course. I believe they were eating my soul via the fear gas.

The void I entered into afterwards was probably the True Death.

But I digress. Let me tell you all what happened before I entered the void.

I saw these shadow people moving back and forth in the kitchen opening.

But I can only hear silverware scraping on the plates. I had no idea what they were eating at the time.

I screamed at them. I told them not to ignore me.

They didn't even acknowledge my presence. The shadow people carried on like nothing happened.

Here's where things start to get hazy. All of a sudden there was a movie projector screen in front of me where the Shadow Old Asian Lady was. I don't know how I could tell she was Asian (since I couldn't see her face), I'm just guessing.

The projector started to play a film.

After seeing what I saw on the film, I said I was innocent.

Next thing I knew, I was surrounded by large hills. I can't remember if it was grass or trees everywhere, but I'm just gonna go with grass.

There was no sun. Only a sky with thick grey clouds and no discernable source of light. There was a large lake behind a row of San Francisco-like houses.

I was somewhat far away from them.

Shadows started to chase me. I couldn't see them because they were behind me, and I ran up the black concrete single lane path uphill.

While I couldn't see them, I could still somehow know they were there. There might've been shadow tendrils flickering at the edges of my vision.

I reach the top of the hill.

Everything goes black.

I'm floating. It's great. I'm at peace.

I wish I could stay in the Void.

I believe I had earned it after the baptism of fire I just endured in what I assumed was the Lake of Kokytos in the Ninth Circle.

Then a kaleidoscope of colors swirls in front of me. Above me? I think it was above me. I äsk myself, "Is this the Face of God?" It looks... otherworldly.

I go into the colors. I'm not sure if I meant to do that or not. I think the Colors pulled in like a tractor beam.

I regain consciousness. There's a doctor shining a light into my eyes. He asks me if I knew who and where I was. I have a very hard time speaking at that point.

I'm at an extremely bizarre hospital.

It wasn't a hospital, but a private home used for special patients. This wasn't in America, so they had no choice but to go there for help because nonwhites are ultimately, objectively unintelligent as a whole when compared to Whites and Far East Asians.

This place was more rich and extravagant than anything I had ever seen.

I hated them for being "woken up" but I loved what I saw in there.

That's all I'm going to say.