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People say that suicide is "sad"


Jan 6, 2019
Catlett, VA
What's so sad about it? Isn't it sad too when inferior peoples have to be subjugated so that powerful nations can extract the resources needed for your iPhone to function? Isn't it sad when a cow that never hurt anyone has to be slaughtered so you can eat a hamburger?

It's just the cycle of nature. The weak die, the strong survive and reproduce. Sometimes weakness manifests on an individual level. Sometimes weakness manifests in an inability to organize other men to form a strong tribe, or a strong alliance, etc. Sometimes weakness manifests in a society decaying from within and collapsing on itself, so that the barbarians, or at any rate the "less civilized," can take over. What happened was that civilization ceased to be civilization, by abandoning the precepts that sustained them.

We can't all be like females, whose reproduction is guaranteed as long as they're fertile and there is a man who is able to take firm possession of her and make her his sexual and reproductive property. Some of us, even some who have good and unique and appealing qualities, will be losers. It is just how the world works.

And some civilizations will be losers too. Some of them will be great and beautiful, maybe even irreplaceable, civilizations, that had a fatal flaw.

Oh well, the cycle of nature continues. Some of these fragile men will be those who in a more advanced and healthy civilization could've survived and made great contributions. But it was not to be in our primitive world.
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