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    What do you think of my avi?

    Too dark, could be a man.
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    Make a Booru

    A booru would be way better for image sharing. Just saying. And, as far as I know, there was never a booru for jbs, so it would have an edge to attract people.
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    Should we just go ahead and ban rasurado3x

    Yes. Feed him to the sharks.
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    Where is everyone?

    That is a secret.
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    Ads Done Right

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    Method for getting hate speech laws repealed.

    If you wish to have hate speech laws repealed, I wish to present you with a tactic for accomplishing that: Enforce the law. Have hate speech against pedophiles suppressed. That would increase motivation for repealing the hate speech laws. There was a homosexual Jew who published a book and spoke...
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    JBpill Incel Music - If You Want JB

    re-up please
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    cropped or stylized images from know forbidden baits

    some people make cropped or stylized (manga-like) pics from forbidden images, are these legal to have/post? I have no idea how they make it, but they are pretty and the edgylords have fun spreading them where they can't post the fulls do you have any? can they be posted here?
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    I found you something leu

    Had to come back and look at it again. Just gorgeous.
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    I found you something leu

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    JBpill-friendly play?

    404 not found
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    Why don't you all move to Japan, where you can find many junior idols?

    In Japan you see jailbaits doing live shows with an audience of who grown up men and no one there bats an eye. Why don't you move there and enjoy it too?